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  • What is NFT Sailing?

    NFT Sailing is an NFT Calendar, a go-to platform for discovering new NFT drops. We want to make it easy to navigate in the NFT space, that is why we built NFT Sailing. We are seeking to continuously improve the experience and deliver features that make a difference.
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  • Why use an NFT Calendar?

    The NFT space is ever-growing, and we can easily get flooded by the amount of data. Our NFT calendar organizes the information so you can focus better on research, preparation, and selection. Whether you prefer to jump on recent minting projects, prepare ahead of today's NFT drops, or even plan for upcoming NFT releases, you have the edge.
  • Where the drops come from?

    Here, project owners or team members can submit their NFT projects for free. Though, it does not mean the project will be listed. We verified the correctness of each detail provided at the time of submission. And if it passes our validation, the project will be listed on our calendar. Nevertheless, you must always Do Your Own Research (DYOR).