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  • Kawaii Factory - this is a real cute collection generator. But these are not all our advantages! We have developed this project to bring as many benefits to our community as possible. We will not tell you ''buy our NFTs for the sake of art'', this is not our way. We have our own strategy for the development of the project together with our community. We will learn and develop together to create a famous and large project.
    Solana Blockchain
    500 NFTs
    0.069 SOL
  • Homeless Degens NFT collection was launched on September, 2022, at a perfect time when crypto winter has truly begun. The price of ETH started to drop significantly and there was no light in the tunnel. The War in Eastern Europe, UST drop, Celsius, FED... There was nothing to believe that the price will return soon. But as true crypto degens, we have started to HODL and invest ETH to multiply our assets. Is it a bad idea? For sure no. Especially if you were not lucky to save your assets from falling. Mint Date : September 26th 3:00 PM UTC
    Ethereum Blockchain
    2000 NFTs
  • Moonfoxes bits is a collection of 5,000 NFTs that are generated by numerous special and thematic features in bits format of the ethereum network! all holders will participate in exclusive raffles and nfts.
    Ethereum Blockchain
    5 NFTs
    0.005 ETH
  • Sep 29


    An innovative art NFT project consisting of 7,777 distinctive and sophisticated digitally crafted NFT collectibles. Each creation is completely unique (1/1), including paintings and sculptures that cross-reference and transform the greatest artworks throughout history. Within the project are beautifully rendered 2D images created in 3D software and exclusive 3D animated treasures.
    Ethereum Blockchain
    7777 NFTs
    0.35 ETH
  • Oct 2


    HEXGO is an exclusive and private collection of 5,000 NFT cards built on the Ethereum blockchain using the industry-leading ERC-721 token. HEXGO was created to disrupt the NFT industry and be the #1 blue-chip utility NFT to offer heavy-duty utility and powerful rewards that have never been seen before. HEXGO is building the BIGGEST and STRONGEST NFT project ecosystem. So far, we have partnered with over 100+ NFT projects.
    Ethereum Blockchain
    5000 NFTs
    0.3 ETH
  • Flip Girls is awesome collection of 4444 girls that gives you access to the most powerful NFT tools, holders rewards and also profit from coin flip game. We build long term value utilities and the most tight-knit communnity.
    Solana Blockchain
    4444 NFTs
    0.15 SOL
  • The Ape Souls is a collection of 7,345 (1/1) hand-drawn NFTs painted with acrylic on Canvas. Our Souls exist on the Solana blockchain, designed with 100+ Artistic Traits. Ape Souls is A community-driven project made under the label of CiCKartworks, featuring artworks by CiCK (The artist behind PicaLions, DISOBEYPUNKS, Fake Banksy Punks, Punkedups, and ElonMonst). We have deployed all of our previous collections on Polygon and Ethereum; Ape Souls is our entering to the Solana world, so what concept works better than the SOUL itself when you’re on SOuLANA.
    Solana Blockchain
    7345 NFTs
    0.1 SOL
  • First of all we want to introduce ourselves , Our team is build of a number of people from a several countries who want to do good to the world of the blockchain and Metaverse. Fitness Empire Metaverse CEO is from Austria while the main developer is from Hungary, They met several years ago at a ski resort in Hungary. You could say that's where the idea of ​​Fitness Empire started.
    Cardano Blockchain
    1000 NFTs
    70 ADA
  • Bringing forth the first collection of 9,630 Kickback NFTs, giving a new home for those willing to explore their own inspirations where voices/opinions matter and inputs will be rewarded. 51% Of Sales/Royalties used to support the floor if it drops below mint price until staking is released. Once staking is released will then be used for token burning (to match the rate of 51% of the royalties each week).
    Solana Blockchain
    9630 NFTs
    0.963 SOL