Polygon NFT Drops

Explore the best NFT projects on the Polygon blockchain.

  • Aug 22


    OWNIC is a licensed dynamic sports NFT platform spearheading the first-ever sports NFT collectible where an athlete’s career growth and performance are reflected on a card via innovative, dynamic NFT tech. This is achieved by bringing tamper-proof off-chain data on-chain and by introducing an xP power concept. xP represents a card’s power and increases based on an athlete’s career achievements as well as gamified on-platform elements.
    Polygon Blockchain
    1501 NFTs
    215 MATIC
  • The Ogami Mage Collection will be the VIP ticket into the Ogami ecosystem Ogami Conquest is the first MOBA game with sandbox elements that utilizes NFTs as playable and breedable characters backed by the $OGM token, giving players true ownership of their NFTs and a new governance model that bridges the gap between players and developers.
    Polygon Blockchain
    5000 NFTs
    145 MATIC