Our beautifully designed 3D characters add a level of depth and realism that will inspire to propel you to another world, with sugar skull art that is typically colourful, psychedelic, and dancing with intricate designs, seeking to embody the mystery and energy of our earthly existence while tapping into the question of what lies beyond? Our Mexican art blur the lines between the real world and the dead The double or nothing game allows players to bet on eyes open or closed with special jackpot prizes of x100. Multi player allows you to invite friends or play against 2-3 people online. As each player gets eliminated the last person standing wins 2-3 FREE spins. Our progressive jackpot increases every time somebody plays a game. It will keep on rising until a lucky player wins a random play. The game also includes global & my stats, recent games & winning streaks. NFT holders can create their own Lobbies where they can add their own group of players for 100% revenue of the 3.5% which can be traded with referral review intact. All holders will share the same revenue from general play. Individual holders will also share a 50/50 spit on all random jackpot prizes paid immediately on win We also have plans for a beautiful female collection of Halloween characters and a standalone game with animated spiders and snakes coming out of eyes and mouths with play to win Russian roulette to the death


Mint Date:6/14/2022