Women 404 Ukraine

Exclusive and limited hand drawn collection of 404 NFTs on Solana to support Ukraine women refugees. Russia's war on Ukraine is, in many ways, a war of women. The fact that most women do not fight on the battlefield doesn not mean that their war experience are less traumatic than male soldier's realities. Most of 5 million Ukrainian refugees afe women, children and the elderly, who left behind their husbands, sons and brothers to fight for their homeland. Even once Ukrainian women reach a place of refuge, they will face problems in finding decent work, which is actually is international legal term that describes safe and fair work environments. With this project we want to support all Ukraine women refugees and show that they are not forgotten and lost. Every woman represented in our collection is unique, pure and strong. Part of the money we get from collection minting and royalty fees from secondary sales will be send to Ukraine charity organization Palyanitsia which is written in our smart contract.


Mint Date:6/5/2022